since that wage post is going around again here’s a reminder that it’s still legal in the US to pay disabled people 22 CENTS AN HOUR

Goodwill got shit for this for like five minutes but there’s a poster in the back room at my job that says the employer can literally decide how much a disabled worker makes if they want to.

Like, it’s just up to them. Theres no guaranteed minimum wage for disabled people.

Why the fuck does nobody know or care that this is a thing?

u know why

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" Bourgeois culture has become pervasive; its project, to subordinate everyone to the dictates of capitalism, reaches everyone in the form of movies, television, newspapers, and so on. Thus, the myth of Enlightenment is transmitted without cessation to all who have even the most remote contact with contemporary society. Every resistance is effectively stifled: not by being suppressed but by being rendered yet another spectacle in the parade of culture. Resistance that cannot be appropriated is merely left outside the system, a testament to its own absurdity. "


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